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Eternal Vigilance Martial Arts

if we don't do something about where we're going, we'll end up where we're headed.

This is my martial arts web page, there are many like it but this one is mine.

I've gone to many classes, learned from many instructors, ready many books, stood next to greatness and have not known what in the world I should ask these martial artists who were there at my disposal, ready to answer my questions.

One thing about martial arts is that you can receive answers without asking questions. Sometimes the questions are important so that your instructor/master/sifu/sensei knows you are actually thinking about something. It doesn't matter if the answers are not related to the question but it's nice to have a real dialogue between the student and the teacher. The key to all this is that you need to have a teacher. There are no two ways about that.

My goal with this web page is to pass on a modicum of knowledge. Perhaps all that I have, but I do know that it is impossible to absorb any useful knowledge of martial arts without physical practice. I urge you read all you can, but everything you read will only be a bedtime story if you don't try it out for yourself. Speaking of bedtime stories, here are some fun Zen Stories you can share with your students or classmates as the case may be.

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