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Eternal Vigilance Martial Arts

Statues made of matchsticks crumble into one another.

Training is good. When we stop training, we lose our ability to train. Then we have to start over again and get back to the place we once were. Remember though

How do You Find Time to Train?

If you're "too busy", then just try to do something that fits. Don't try to train every day if you can't train every day. Don't try to train for an hour per session if you don't have that much time. Just try to do one small thing every day for your training. Today may be running, tomorrow may be meditating, the next day may be running through patterns in your head while riding the bus to work. Some days you will actually get to train properly, but on the other days, find things that can help your training anyway. Eventually you will be able to add instead of subtracting.

Supplemental Training Ideas

If you're not doing regular MA trainging all the time, try these:

Where to Train

What about that big question - where to train? "I want to take classes, how do I find a good school?" Read more...